by Ryan Richards

1 . Make sure you copy the template to your own Notion Workspace

(Blotion will only work with this template for now).

2. Change the Root Page name to something you like

(this will become your subdomain) e.g Change ‘Guide’ to your name.

3. Go back to Blotion and Login with Notion

4. You’ll be prompted to allow access to pages, choose the template you copied.

5. Blotion will create your site, click publish to make your site live!

Congrats you just launched a site with Blotion! You can now go back to Notion and start customising the template even more.

Important Notes

  1. Sites can only have 1 Database subpage
  2. Don’t change any page properties in the Database
  3. Posts will only appear on your site when Status property is set to Live
  4. Every post and subpage should have unique title or name

by Ryan Richards