Organize your Blog Posts with Tags

by Ryan Richards

Once you start writing lots of new posts it can be difficult for you and your readers to easily find similar posts. The best way to start organizing your blog posts is to use the Tags property in the Notion database for your posts.

The guide template has some tags already setup for you. [New, Featured, Guide, Beginner]

How do I add a tag to a post?

You can remove the default tags if you like and start typing out your own tags.

📢 Blotion will use the color you set the tag in Notion on your live Blotion site too

The home page has a list of recent posts. Up to 5 most recent posts with the ‘Featured’ tag will display here. Or if there are no posts with a ‘Featured’ tag 3 recent posts will display instead.

Multiple tags will stack on mobile devices.

On mobile, tags will stack into a dropdown menu, only showing the first category tag.

The power of Tags!

Hopefully this post has helped you get started with tagging your blog posts. Using tags is a super powerful way to build a blog that encourages users to explore more of your site and find related, helpful articles.

by Ryan Richards