Display Thumbnail Image for Posts

by Ryan Richards

By default Blotion blogs display your posts as a minimal list on the home page/post page and post category pages. One of the most requested features was to allow thumbnail images to be displayed for posts.

I’m excited to announce the thumbnail feature is now live! It is an exciting change that will bring more life and color to your Blotion blog.

In this short guide I’ll show you how to set a thumbnail image for your posts.

1. Add Cover Image

You can use a Notion preset image, use Unsplash or upload a custom cover image.

📢 Your cover image will also be used as the OG image tag. This is used to generate preview cards for Twitter/Facebook etc.

2. Go to Site Settings

Set the ‘Show blog post thumbnails’ switch to on.

3. Refresh your live site

Refresh your live site and within a couple of minutes you should seed the new thumbnail blog card list for all of your blog posts.

🗒️ If you decide to show thumbnail images and do not set any cover images for your posts, a default thumbnail image will be displayed.

by Ryan Richards