Adding Revue Newsletter Signup

by Ryan Richards

Collecting reader emails is a great way to grow a community around your content. Blotion makes it easy to grow your email list by providing a handy Revue Newsletter integration.

Here’s how to set it up!

1. Upgrade your account

Revue newsletter integration is available on Creative + Pro plans. If you haven’t already you can upgrade your plan by visiting the pricing page

2. Go to site settings

Navigate to your account page (you might need to login via Notion again. If you can’t wave as the account page)

Choose the site you’d like to add a Revue Newsletter form to (site must be published to add a Revue form)

Click Settings

3. Input your Revue Profile Name

In the site settings page you’ll find the Revue form input.

Make sure you input your Revue profile name (not your public revue URL)

Click Add

4. Success, go try it out!

Your Revue form will now be available to view on your home page and at the end of every blog post.

(If it doesn’t appear right away, refresh your site home page, this will clear the site cache and store the new updated site with the Revue form for all you visitors)

When users submit their email they’ll be directed to a Revue confirmation page, asking them to confirm their subscription by checking their email and clicking a confirmation link.

Getting stuck?

Send an email, I’ll be happy to help

by Ryan Richards